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Hotel Accommodations RFP for Affinity Group Travel


Group Name:



Email Address:


Name of Meeting:

Type of Group, Association, Reunion, etc.:

Dates of Program:

Alternate Program Dates:

Location Desired:

Number of Attendees:

Number of Sleeping Rooms:

Number of Single Rooms/Date(s) Needed:

Number of Double Rooms/Date(s) Needed:

Number of Staff Rooms/Date(s) Needed:

Meeting Agenda Details: (Date(s), Start/End Time, Function, Set Up, and # of People)

Concessions: (Please check all that apply) One complimentary room per 50 rooms paid and utilized
Complimentary one hour reception on the first night w/beer, wine, fruit & vegetable trays
Suite upgrades
Double award points for Planner
Complimentary meeting room rental
Rates available 3 days prior and 3 days after event
Staff rooms at 50% off of room rate
10% off of Audio Visual prices

Other Concessions:

When do you need the search completed by?

When will you be making the final decision?

Who are the decision makers for this program?

What other important information do you need to share about this program?