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Hotel Accommodation Options for the Leisure Traveler

We recognize the need to assist with the search for hotel accommodations. We are confident that the below links will aid in that search. Click on the Pre & Post Cruise tab if you are searching for a pre or post cruise hotel in a cruise port and on the General Hotel Search tab if you are searching for hotels generally. We also provide hotel related services shown below.

pre & post cruise hotel accommodations
hotel accommodations search

We are affiliated with the largest hotel procurement company in the world with offices in over 55 countries. This ensures the best purchasing power, contract negotiation and expertise of any source. It also enables us to develop local relationships with hotels throughout the world without relying on the always great pictures displayed by these properties on their web sites. In addition to forming local relationships we have relationships with all major hotel corporate headquarters. This has made us a partner in a firm that booked over 30,000 meetings in 2012.

You can be confident when sending us an RFP or contacting us via phone that you will receive an immediate response from a specialist who is most capable of meeting your needs regardless of the destination and properties being considered.

Pre &/or Post Cruise Hotels: Cruise ships almost always depart from U.S ports between 4:30 PM and 5:00 PM. This means that passengers originating on the west coast for an departure from the east coast cannot fly the day of the cruise departure. They must fly the day prior in order to arrive in time to board. And even from the near west and Midwest cities, flight delays could result in an arrival after the ship has departed. And cruise tickets are non-refundable as are most airline tickets. We, therefore, strongly recommend booking a flight the day prior to the cruise and selecting a hotel with free airport shuttle and in proximity of the cruise port if both can be achieved. The above tab provides a list of two properties in each U.S. cruise port. Depending on the dates of the cruise those taking a three, four or five night cruise also express an interest in extending their cruise with additional nights on shore for sightseeing.

Hotel Pricing Request: If you determine that you would like assistance with securing the best property for you as an individual or for your group, please complete the above form. We realize that groups arriving early may desire meeting space or food functions at the pre-cruise hotel and that group ground transportation will also be needed. We are site selection and procurement specialists and can secure and negotiate all elements of land or cruise programs including the provision of staffing to coordinate and operate.