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Cruise, Hotel and Air Travel Options for the Leisure Traveler

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Leisure travel today has become much more complicated than ever before. Automation has its advantages, but lacks the one-on-one personal expertise formerly offered by the corner travel agency.

CRUISES can be booked online, but it is impossible to know if you selected the right cruise ship and received the best possible rate. This is because questions need to be asked to determine the right cruise itinerary and the best cruise pricing. There are promotional cruise rates applicable to certain states and other unpublished promotional rates. There are Senior Citizen cruise Rates, Military rates and Category Guarantee rates that enable you to guarantee the cruise rate and be eligible for an upgrade. There are Past Guest Rates for people who have cruised before. The needs and opportunities for each person are different. Online booking engines simply cannot ask the right questions to address and weigh individual needs. Only human interaction can do that and so far we have not been replaced by machines. Because there are no charges for booking a cruise with an agent such as us, why would you not call us at 561-625-8807 for assistance. We have been handling cruises, hotels and airlines since 1976. We could provide a form for you to complete and submit, but we would rather speak to you to ensure that we take your needs as an individual into consideration.

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS can also be booked directly or through an online search engine and both of these are excellent unless looking to block space for a group. However, we have contracted with hotels throughout the world to offer discounts not available through these other two sources and will soon offer a Membership program. This program is pending and is expected to be added by July 15, 2013.

AIR TRAVEL is certainly not what it used to be. Automation has made it easy to search for and book seats on most airlines, but not all. What about those discounted airlines not listed on the major search engines? What about customer service? What if you purchase tickets on line and have a change of plans, a cancellation or are at an airport needing assistance due to a flight delay>? Who do you call? Certainly not Expedia, Priceline,, etc.

If you book through us by calling 800-562-6664 you will speak with a live person at no more and possibly less cost and will have 24-hour assistance while traveling. You will probably secure better connections for less money and can request a cancellation or schedule change or a refund by actually speaking with someone. We offer Consolidated First & Business Class airfares that can reduce costs by $50.00 to $1,000.00 per ticket through a link on this site. What if you are a group planner? Do you simply call the airlines and accept Zone Fares, Group Fares or Meeting and Convention Fares and assume you have the best deal? Airfares are a major cost of any trip. Call us at 561-625-8807 to compare rates.