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Meeting and Incentive Group Cruise Options

[tab title=”Meetings AT Sea”]

When considering a cruise versus a land option for a future meeting, incentive, or conference, most planners look at Benefits and Value.

The following is some information that may be helpful when considering a cruise versus a land option for future meeting, incentive or conference. All of the items listed below are included on most incentives and meetings at sea at no additional charge. Consider what these items may cost if you selected a land venue. At a hotel you get a room and that’s pretty much it!

Meetings held at sea are significantly less expensive than a comparable ground program, see Cost Comparison tab.

Cruise Benefits Include:

  • All meals – No menus to plan – Casual & Fine Dining
  • Airport meet, greet & transfers
  • Baggage Handling
  • Entertainment
  • Dedicated Corporate Meeting & Incentive Sales Team
  • Onboard Group Coordinator/Convention Services Manager
  • Complementary Meeting and Breakout Space
  • Complementary Staging
  • Complementary Audio Visual Equipment
  • Deluxe accommodations and every amenity of a deluxe hotel.
  • All applicable taxes and gratuities
  • Complementary Private one-hour cocktail party with open bar and hot & cold hors d’ oeuvres
  • Complementary Captain’s cocktail party
  • Confirmed dining room seating if desired
  • Complimentary room service – extended menu- Service fees may apply after midnight
  • Complimentary cabin amenities
  • Complementary fitness facilities – Stationary bikes, treadmills, free weights, ellipticals
  • Complimentary Sauna, steamroom & whirlpools
  • Jogging track and sports deck
  • Evening turn-down service with chocolates
  • Themed events, team building such as Beach Olympics
  • Full casino; duty-free shopping; snorkeling and swimming on a private island.
  • Multiple exotic destinations without packing and unpacking.
  • WiFi Internet Access available
  • Cell Phone Access available
  • Higher staff-to-guest ratio-one staff for every two passengers (One to one on some luxury vessels)
  • A different Broadway or Las Vegas type performance every evening
  • Transportation to a private island for lunch and a day at the beach
  • First run movies in bed

More Benefits:

  • Exciting shore excursions in exotic or historic places
  • Tennis, basketball, ice-skating, rollerblading , and rock climbing
  • Full casino, duty-free shopping, water sports, golf, and spas
  • A cashless environment-nothing needed, but a plastic room key
  • Payment to a single source for entire all-inclusive program
  • Far less planning than any ground program
  • Freedom to do everything or nothing at all

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[tab title=”Cost Comparisons”]

Consider the VALUE of a Cruise Meeting as you add the cost of items you’d like to include with a Land Venue.

*This comparison is based on a 7-night program with (4) meetings and (2) productions for 200 participants.

Accommodations: Per Person double occupancy including all taxes & maid service $1,248.00 $1,358.00
Food & Beverage: Per person (3) meals daily ++, (2) cocktail
Parties with live entertainment, tax & gratuities
$1,210.00 Included
Meetings: All Audio visual equipment including VCR, projectors, monitors and screens, wireless microphones and coffee breaks $5,550.00 Per Meeting Based on (4) Meetings Included
Entertainment: Broadway shows and variety acts $20,000.00 Per production
Based on (2) productions
Per Person: Per Person, Per Day $2,768.00 $395.00 $1,358.00 $194.00
104% More

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[tab title=”Meetings BY Sea”]There is a major difference between a Meetings At Sea and a “Meetings By Sea”when considering/comparing the tax implications of each.

Meetings By Sea are not only tax deductible, but are tax deductible at a far greater rate than a comparable Meeting At Sea or Land-Based program. The guidelines in IRS Publication 463 clearly permit the deductibility of the “Meeting By Sea”.This is true whether booking a small group or a full ship charter.

There is no tracking of food, beverage, entertainment for attendees or guests and both are fully tax deductible, even the guest.

Land programs are not fully tax-deductible. There are deduction limitations on food, beverage , entertainment, transportation, etc., which may constitute two thirds of the total meeting expense.

The costs attributable to guests are not tax deductible on a land based program. Cruise programs, however, are all-inclusive, and can be fully tax-deductible. The cost of a stateroom is the same whether for one person or for two persons. If a single occupancy rate is paid for the employee, the entire all-inclusive program for the guest has also been paid for so that the entire all-inclusive program is also free for the guest other than taxes fees and gratuities and even here we are able to make exceptions.

All this combined with a promotional airfare contract and transfer contract such as a “Buy One, Get One Free”, can enable employees to bring guests at almost no additional costs. Corporate Cruise Consultants will work with your accounting department in structuring a total program so that it is eligible for tax deductibility per IRS Publication 463.

The cost of a cruise is generally less expensive, even without a tax deduction, when compared to a comparable land based program. The additional savings resulting from increased tax deductibility under Publication 463 can result in a “Meeting By Sea” costing 50% less than a comparable land program.

For further information regarding how to deduct a Meeting by Sea, please contact us at 561-625-8807 or by email at

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[tab title=”Symposiums AT Sea”]Every so often, we offer symposiums at sea to meeting planners and clients who are interested in exploring a cruise for a possible future meeting or incentive option.

Our symposiums at sea are designed to provide planners with the ability to experience a cruise, first hand, at minimal or no cost. If you feel that a cruise is a venue that you may wish to consider in the future, please complete the form below. You will then be notified of any future symposiums.

The selection of participants for these symposiums is at the discretion of the cruise line. Please complete and return this form if you wish to be considered for a future symposium. Symposiums I normally offered for the planner and a guest. Only one stateroom per company is permitted.


Participant’s Name
Company Name
Email Address:
How many incentive or meeting programs do you plan each year?
What time of the year are most of your incentive or meeting programs?
What is the average number of participants?
Have you ever used a cruise for an incentive or meeting? Yes

NoIf so, what cruise line and ship?Would your company consider a European, Mediterranean or River Cruise? Yes

NoWhat destinations has your company traveled to in the past?What is the average days/nights per program?Has your company ever received a Cruise proposal? Yes

NoDo you normally book single or double occupancy or both? Single


BothIf meeting, type of setup?Individual participant payment or company?Air Cities of origin or nationwide?What is the total all-inclusive budget per person including air?What is the average age range of participants?What destinations are being considered for future programs?Any special requirements such as golf, water sports, meeting needs, functions, etc.?