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Meeting Planners are strongly encouraged to review “Cruises 101” prior to submitting this Request for Group Cruise Pricing form. “Click here to review the 15 questions” you’ll need to consider before you submit your Request below.

Select Option “A” (Business As Usual) “B” (Partnership Program)
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Name of Program:
Type of Program: Meeting
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Preferred Dates of Meeting: (Include Year)
Alternate Dates: (if applicable)
Length of Cruise Desired: 3 nights
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Desired Travel Pattern: (example Thurs- Mon)
Cruise Destinations being Considered: (example Caribbean, Alaska, etc)
Land Destinations being Considered:
Has Group Cruised Before? Yes
Is this a Pre or Post Cruise for Land Program? Yes
If Cruise Before, What Cruise Line/s?
Estimate # of Attendees:
Number of Total Staterooms:
Number of Single Staterooms:
Number of Double Staterooms:
Number of Triple or Quad Occupancy Cabins:
Approximate Budget Per Person or Per Group: (Excluding Air)
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