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Scheduled Air Travel for the Leisure Traveler

Scheduled Air Travel also falls into two basic categories – Domestic & International each with three sub- categories – 1) Coach Class, 2) Business Class and 3) First Class. There is little that can be done for preferential pricing for domestic flights other than simply comparing online pricing or calling our Air Operations at 800-562-6664. We recommend calling to speak to a live person, secure the best airfares and have access to 24-hour service should you experience the need to change or cancel your airline reservations. If you book airline tickets online, just try to make a change or obtain a refund!

International Air travel is completely different than domestic air travel. Considerable Air savings are available using Consolidated Airfares particularly for Business and First Class International travel. This is due to the fact that rates provided to consolidators are significantly lower than published. Consolidators are explained below.

scheduled domestic air travel
scheduled international air travel

Why Choose a Consolidator for International Flights?

What You Should Know Before Working With An Airline Ticket Wholesaler Or Consolidator

  1. How do I benefit from working with a consolidator?
    Corporate Cruise Consultant’s consolidator can get you the best ticket prices. As a result, you will be happy with the service provided and will continue to buy from Corporate Cruise Consultants.
  2. Consolidators and wholesalers seem to come and go quickly. How do I know that I am dealing with a reputable vendor?
    Many consolidators are in business for only a short period of time, and then they disappear. Our Consolidator has been in business for over 40 years. Reputable consolidators accept all major credit cards, not just checks.

    A good consolidator agency stands behind their products and services. If a problem occurs (and sometimes that does happen), a good consolidator will do everything in their power to fix it.

  3. Why do consolidators and wholesalers prefer that I pay with a credit card? Sometimes it would be easier if I could pay by check.
    Actually, it is in your best interest that you pay with a credit card. The credit card company protects you from loss because they will refund your money quickly if, for some reason, you need to cancel the ticket. That way, you don’t have to spend your time dealing with the consolidator’s accounting department.

    Paying with a check is fine if that is what you prefer. However, if a consolidator does not give you the option of paying with major credit cards, you may want to proceed cautiously.

  4. Isn’t it easier if I just purchase directly from the airlines?
    You can purchase directly from the airlines. However, it may not be in your best interest to do so. Consider the following:
  • Airlines have fares that they don’t publish, even to travel agents. Good consolidators and wholesalers have solid relationships and contracts with the airlines and do have access to those unpublished rates.
  • Sometimes the airline will tell you that no seats are available. That means no seats left in the class you requested. It doesn’t mean the flight is full. Good consolidators can occasionally clear space or use seats set aside under the terms of their airline contract.
  • If your you have a complicated itinerary, an experienced ticketing specialist can quote the ticket in a way that assures that you will secure the best price and the best options available.
  • Compiling itineraries for around-the-world, circle pacific, or other multiple-segment tickets requires significant expertise. Knowing how to purchase a ticket that you are pleased with should be the main focus of the airline ticket consolidator.