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Scheduled Domestic Air Travel for Leisure Travelers

Scheduled domestic air travel and access to the best rates has changed dramatically over the past fifteen (15) years as we all know. The advance of the Internet has put schedules and pricing at our fingertips. Just one word of caution when booking online vs. booking the old fashioned way through an agent. If you book on Expedia, Priceline or any booking engine you will encounter major difficulty if you have to change or cancel your arrangements. If you find your flight delayed or cancelled when in route, you will have no one to call to help. In addition, not all airlines participate in the online booking engines so you could miss opportunities.

If you book those same flights using the toll free number provided on this site you will speak with a live person, have access to all airlines and will have a 24 hour help line if you encounter problems during your trip. You will have someone to speak with if you need to make changes or cancel and need a refund. We really recommend that you call 800-562-6664 as part of your search process.