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How Relevant is Ranking when Planning your Cruise?

The ranking of the cruise lines may be of no value when in search of your perfect cruise. The ranking is generally accurate given the industry as a whole, but this has little to do with selecting a ship for your personal cruise or that of your group. Yes, we can begin a search by the initial categorizations and the process of elimination:

  • If choosing a River Cruise, what’s size of river cruise vessel or river barge? What river in what part of the world
  • If choosing an Ocean Cruise, would you want a motorized vessel or sailing ship ?
  • Luxury, Premium or Standard ?
  • Time of Year ?
  • Length of Cruise ?
  • Destinations Preferred ?
  • Relative Value ?
  • Business or Leisure ?
  • Meeting or Incentive ?

3 Primary Considerations when you Begin Planning your Cruise

RCI cruise ship

The first three things that need to be determined prior to considering any ranking are:

1) The length or cruise desired,
2) The time of the year and,
3) Budget

The length of the cruise is the most important issue because most cruise ships in the world cruise for 7 nights or longer. Cruises of less than 7 nights are mostly limited to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Cruises, if longer than 7 nights, are usually taken by retired people because the working class has difficulty leaving work for more than a week at a time.

The Time of the year is the second most important consideration, because 80% of the vessels normally in the Caribbean depart the end of March and early April for Europe, the Canadian Maritimes and Bermuda or trans-canal to Alaska. This leaves fewer options for those wishing to cruise from a U.S. port until they return in October or November. Ninety (90%) percent of the ships that remain in the Caribbean are Carnival Cruise Line ships.

Budget is the final primary consideration. A limited budget and a length of less than 7 nights quickly eliminates all of the Luxury cruise lines leaving “Premium” & “Standard” cruise lines as the only options and there are no Premium cruise lines departing from the U.S. for the six months other than in Alaska from May through September.

Destination Considerations

Only after these three considerations are addressed is it possible to consider the destination and itinerary desired and then select between the cruise lines and vessels that offer cruises in the region desired. If the destination is Europe on an ocean or river cruise, the summer months are your only option. The same is true for Alaska, Bermuda, the Galapagos or the Northeast United States. South America is only an option during our winter, which is their summer. Hawaii, Tahiti and areas of the South Pacific and the Pacific Rim offer cruises year round.

The next step is to find the best value within the budget. Now everyone has the option to search and book online, but cruises unlike air travel are not a commodity where a seat is a seat and the only difference is price and the color of the paint on the plane.

Why Use Corporate Cruise Consultant?

Each cruise line and each vessel within the cruise lines is different as are the categories of staterooms available. Those booking directly will never find all of their options because few know cruise lines other than Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian. Princess, Celebrity and Holland America and a few of the luxury lines such as Crystal, Regent, Silversea and Seabourn.

The only way to learn all of your options and to obtain the best rates continues to be through an agent who will save you hours of time and possibly a great deal of money. A good agent will be aware of the specials on all cruise lines, how to book a Category Guarantee”, Senior Rates, special residence rates for various states, the patterns and deployments of each ship and its alternating itineraries.

A good agent will know the on-board facilities and the average age of passengers on a given vessel and itinerary. If you are planning a meeting, you will need to know the available conference space, the AV, concessions, amenities, etc. If you don’t know what to ask, you are unlikely to find the answers online.

We have been booking individual Leisure Travel, Meetings, Conventions and Conferences on cruise ships since 1976 and it is a daily challenge to be knowledgeable about every cruise line, vessel and itinerary and all of the other variables necessary to determine the best options given an individual or group desired Length, Time of year and Budget. If you are ready to start planning your cruise, contact us today at (561) 625-8807.

October is National Cruise Month


The Joy of Vacationing on a Cruise


October, is National Cruise Month, and is officially here! With an opportunity to save big on your next cruise, you have an opportunity to experience the joy of cruising.

October has impressive events and deal offers in store for cruisers. You can find impressive saving deals and spending credits for cruise ships with offers of values of up to $500, suite upgrades and several other incentives. October’s National Cruise Vacation Month has a centerpiece event coming up between October 21st to 27th – the NCVW, having well over 5,000 cruise lines and travel agencies participating in it from all over Canada and the US.  Several other cruise deals are to be announced in the coming days leading to the event. So, be sure to stay in touch with cruise lines and travel agents for latest updates!

Cruise shipsCruise Vacations

Looking for vacations that offer glamour, romance, and meet your cruise needs completely? What you need is a getaway on a luxurious cruise ship. You will have the experience of a lifetime right from the moment you step abroad, indulging your whims with amazing hospitality, food and wine.

Life on a cruise begins right from the moment you set eyes on your cruise ship. Going on a cruise has several benefits:

  • Spending hours at the airport or in a car is a very difficult way to start off a vacation.
  • Cruises are easy travel methods for all those who wish to make their trip relaxing and hassle-free.
  • A cruse is a great way to visit places all over the world.
  • Cruises offer an array of activities to make vacationing entertaining.
  • Cruise lines and travel agencies offer amazing vacationing deals.

Once you get to know your way around the ship, life on the ship will turn into a journey of fun and adventure.
Cruise lines offer you the opportunity to go on an exciting world tour. Here are some great locations to consider for your next cruise:

Canary Islands

Off the coast of West Africa, the ideally placed cluster of Canary Islands boasts it’s amazing landscapes and wildlife to make your cruising experience an exceptional one.


Always a favorite destination among cruisers, Alaska offers awe-inspiring sights and activities that are exclusive to just this region of the world. Catch a glimpse of the marine life as you glide through the deep blue waters aboard your cruise ship.

BahamasBermuda cruise

Pristine sandy white beaches, glistening blue waters, exotic views and the best seafood – Bahamas has everything to make your cruise perfect.


Nothing compares to the amazing experience of sailing past Sydney’s iconic Opera House and under the Harbour Bridge.

New Zealand

Offering some of the most breath-taking sights in the world, a cruise to New Zealand should be at the top of your “must-visit” list.

Other cruising locations include the Caribbean, Middle East, Egypt, Mediterranean, Far East, Norway and several other locations worldwide.

Interested?  Need more information?  Contact Corporate Cruise Consultants today to join the adventure and fun of a cruise or click here.

Cruising Hawaii

Cruising Hawaii

Why Cruise Hawaii?

Tax Deductible Cruises

There are a number of advantages to cruising the Hawaiian Islands. One of them is Meeting and Incentive cruises for those companies that want their cruise programs to be tax deductible. The ships that operate in Hawaii by Norwegian Cruise Line are tax deductible because they are US registered. Most of the cruise ships in the world are foreign registered due the tax implications and other US regulations. As a result not only are meetings at sea in Hawaii tax deductible, but are deductible at twice the rate of a land based program. Due to the pricing policies of the cruise lines, the second occupant of a cruise is free other than port taxes and gratuities.  In addition, cruises are all inclusive.

A Cruise Includes Multiple Destinations

Another major advantage is that the meeting planner does not have to select one island over another because a cruise visits all of the major islands with no time lost due to transfers. If the group is on a land based program and wants to include more than one island a day is lost just in the transferring. The group must first pack their bags in the first hotel, travel to the airport to arrive an hour prior to departure, take a 15 minute flight, collect their bags, transfer to the new hotel, check in and unpack. By this time at least a half a day is lost.

If the group takes a cruise, they have all of their food and entertainment covered, a complementary cocktail party and nightly entertainment. They leave port each evening and arrive in the next port early the next day. Many people have rental cars waiting at each port so that they can immediately begin touring the island on their own. The next time you plan a trip to Hawaii rather than decide between islands, see them all on a cruise. For more information, click here.

Cruise News – All New Wind Star Renovation Completed


Luxury Cruises on Award Winning Sailing Ships

There’s a fresh new breeze at sea. The four-masted sailing yacht, Wind Star, is now completely renovated and under sail. The Wind Star is one three Windstar sailing yachts being renovated to complete what will be an $18 million full renovation of the fleet.

Cruise Sailing Ship - The Wind Star

Cruise Sailing Ship – The Wind Star

This landmark renovation brings Windstar’s fleet to the pinnacle of luxurious contemporary style, just what you’d expect from the world’s best private yachts, and perfectly suited to provide an incentive experience that is 180 degrees from ordinary – intimate, elegant, relaxed, unique.

Get ready to see an entirely new level of Windstar Style. Soft, seascape tones provide a beautifully soothing color palate. All new teak decking and brilliant white canvas sails – custom-designed upholstery – stunning artwork and design. From furnishings to finishes. From headboards to hand rails. Everything is new, everything is complete – ready to welcome your meeting or incentive group on board.

Having both chartered and sailed on Windstar vessels in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, I was amazed at the quality of food and service. These three vessels range from a capacity of 148 – 312 passengers and are the perfect size for a full ship charters. Even the smaller ships offer the ultimate in a cruise experience.  In addition to luxury food and service levels, small ships such as this offer itineraries to small islands that are inaccessible to larger vessels. If you want both luxury and a good value, I strongly recommend that you consider Windstar for a future cruise.  Contact me at Corporate Cruise Consultants with your questions about this and other types of cruise experiences for your next corporate event.


George Gehl, President
Corporate Cruise Consultants, Inc.

Interesting Ports of Call when Cruising the Caribbean


Exotic Caribbean Cruises

The history and mysteries of the Caribbean are well known by most travel agents, event/meeting planners and those who’ve traveled there. Popular for the warm air, reefs, beaches, lush and exotic landscapes, food, and shopping make the Caribbean islands desirable port destinations at any time; but especially during the cold winter months.

Some corporate events held on ships can last several days making it possible to stop over at one or more ports that are along the way.  When cruising the Caribbean, there are several islands you should try to visit, if your cruise includes docking at any of the destinations we’ve discussed below.Caribbean Cruise

The Caribbean lies towards the south of the US near Miami. Ports of call that are within the vicinity of the US border include those at Cuba, The Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Turk and Caicos Islands.  The Dominican Republic is full of natural beauty such as Trois Piton National Park, Champagne Reef, Trafalgar Falls and Middleham Falls while Nassau, Bahamas gives you the chance to explore its 18th century colonial history along with other man made attractions such as Atlantis Resort and Casino.

Aruba: considered one of the best places in the Caribbean to dive for shipwrecks that are located underwater off the island’s coast.  See unforgettable sunsets here.  Find casino gambling and lively nightspots here.

Barbados:  a coral island formed by volcanic activity. Here you’ll find beaches of very fine white sand that borders a blue-green sea. Coral reefs entice scuba divers and those who snorkel.   Some people claim that Barbados has the clearest water and the softest sand found at a beach.caribbean cruises -barbados beach

Martinque: considered by many to be one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands.  You’ll find white-sandy beaches and lush rainforests here.  Don’t miss touring Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique, which some observers compare to a combination of the French Riviera and New Orleans.

St Kitts:  There are underwater caves and ancient wrecks to explore as well as mountains to climb. Swim with the dolphins at South Friars Bay; enjoy a round of golf at the championship course north of Sandy Point.

St Maarten: offers white sandy beaches, coral reefs and sports fishing.  Play a round of golf at Mullet Bay Golf Course or zip line through Loterie Farm’s Fly Zone canopy. Get a fantastic view of the island by parasailing or standing atop Cole Hill Bay where you can view the islands of Anguilla and the Caribbean.

At St Thomas, you can climb volcanic mountains, snorkel at the white sand beaches, explore undersea chasms, or catch a marlin while sports fishing.  If golf is your passion, hits the links at Mahogany Run Golf Course.  Don’t miss the opportunity to go town to explore the Charlotte Amalie area.

When planning your next corporate event, consider a memorable Caribbean cruise for your corporate meeting at sea.  Click here to start pricing your next corporate event.